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Posts published in December 2020

COVID information for CUPE1091 members in Delta schools

Dear CUPE 1091 Members,

This email is to inform you of some important information regarding COVID for CUPE1091 members in Delta schools.

#1 – If you are feeling sick and have any one of the COVID symptoms go get tested immediately.  Please DO NOT WAIT!  It is imperative that you get tested the faster the better.  If you have any one of the symptoms don’t go to work, take care of yourself and others by protecting them, yourself and your loved ones.  The data from Fraser Health is showing that people are waiting too long to get tested and are exposing others.  There are many testing sights.  Members can book an appointment online, wait in your car at a testing sight or you can drive to a center.  It may sometimes take some time to get tested but there are multiple options to get tested. 

Answer your phone if don't recognize the number. Fraser Health may be calling you.  This could be for test results, or exposure information or self-isolation information.

Here is the link to book at test.

#2 – Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep 6 feet at all times where possible.  In schools and work sights remember to wash tables before and after you sit down, wear a mask in hallways, photocopy rooms, staff rooms and any high traffic areas.  Wash your mask or dispose of it regularly. 

Here is the link to Delta School Districts Safety Plan – please re-read it and refresh the protocols to ensure everyone is following them.

#3 – PPE if you do not feel safe in your work site go to your OH&S CUPE Site rep and ask for more PPE or go to your Administrator letting them know you do not feel safe and need additional PPE. Page 17 of the Safety Plan states – ‘Schools will have non-medical masks and face shields available for staff.’

#4 -  If you believe you have contracted COVID from work this is a WorkSafe claim.  WorkSafe claims are only if you have tested positive for COVID and you contracted it at work.  Here are the steps to make a WorkSafe claim. 

a)      Fill out the OH&S District Employee Incident form at your school or work location and have your OH&S team help you. It is the same form you would fill out for any injury or illness at work.

b)     Contact your doctor that you have a WorkSafe claim of illness from work and have your doctor submit your illness to WorkSafe

c)      Go to this link to submit a claim with Worksafe.  The best way is to call the DialAClaim number and WorkSafe will complete the forms for you over the phone.  

d)     Book Off under Illness in DeltaSmartFindExpress link:

#5 – You cannot make a Claim to WorkSafe if you have been asked to Self-Isolate by the PHO.  WorkSafe is ONLY if you are sick and have tested positive for COVID and believe you contracted COVID at work or you are injured or sick on the job.

#6 – If you are ordered to Self Isolate by the PHO or FH the District has sent out an email on First Class of options to work from home either full time, part time or not at all depending on your situation.  Every members work is unique.  Please reach out to your Administrator or Supervisor right away and ask them if you have the ability to work from home.  If the answer is yes do not book off sick on DeltaSmartFindExpress because you are working from home.   If the answer is No contact the Union Office immediately.  Reminder to refer to the memo sent out from the HR Department dated on November 30th.

#7 – If while you are Self-Isolating you end up sick and test positive for COVID you are then sick and need to book off as sick time.  Again reach out to the Union Office if you have any questions or refer to the memo from HR on November 30th

#8 – Continue to check the Ministry’s website and Fraser Health updates for COVID in Delta Schools.  Link:

#9 – Any CUPE 1091 Communication must come from your President only.  Any memo’s, emails or information is not valid unless it comes directly from Daun Frederickson, President or the Union Office:  If you receive communication and it is not from your Union directly, contact the Union Office at 604-940-8596 or 604-312-7595.

A reminder if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worried about COVID or need someone to talk to please contact Lifeworks at: 1-888-307-0590.  There are many support services available for members.  This is your EFAP – Employee Family Assistance Program free Benefit for all members.

Thank You every single one of you for the work you do, in these very challenging times.  You are valued and respected by this Union, your Union.

In Solidarity,

Daun Frederickson

President, CUPE Local 1091

Take Back Delta Hospice Membership Drive


Delta Hospice Membership Drive Urgently Needs our Support!

Become a member now:

The good news is that Take Back Delta Hospice has won the right to have all applicants for membership approved by the DHS Society Board in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and had their win upheld in the British Columbia Court of Appeal. The current board doesn't want to approve any members who do not agree with their narrow view of palliative care and they think it's acceptable to keep people who believe in choice from having their voices heard.

But we have to make sure people know that winning in court alone doesn't save critical services to Delta Residents. Only the members can replace the current board of Directors with a group who will place the care and choice of patients as their first priority.

Now the current board is applying to the Supreme Court of Canada on the issues they have already lost - twice! We watch with dismay as more of the Society's assets are diverted to pay for litigation on top of the $1.4 million annual hit to their bottom line when they refused to comply with the Provincial Health orders to provide Medical Assistance in Dying. In their membership drive with their North American wide anti-choice networks, they conveniently ignore the fact that they've already lost the battle of preventing citizens from accessing MAID in their local hospice. The Fraser Health Authority is taking over palliative care in Delta this February to ensure the funds they provide go only towards the standard of care provided for in provincial health policy.  Because of this breakdown in the relationship between Fraser Health Authority and the current Hospice board, we have no way to know if palliative care will continue to be offered in the Hospice building which was funded by the community's own donations.  

But what we must do now is to come together to stop from losing even more!  We ask that you sign up today so that as a member you can vote to replace this current board with new directors committed to saving the services in the Supportive Care Centre.  

The Supportive Care Centre is located in a separate building on the same land leased from Fraser Health Authority and the services are funded only through community donations and fundraising. If the current board continues to squander its assets and damage the relationship with their landlord, children, adults and seniors could lose access to grief and bereavement counselling and patients in palliative care would no longer have the support of our wonderfully trained and compassionate counsellors and volunteers. We need to have enough members to vote this board of directors out and replace them with a board of directors that will rebuild good will with Fraser Health and the Province, stop the hemorrhaging of the Society's assets by litigating with its own membership and focus on ensuring the financial viability of the Supportive Care Centre.  

If you live, work or play in Delta or care about Hospice and choice in end-of-life care, we welcome your support.  Sign up today and share the link with your family friends and networks:   

Together, we can Take Back Delta Hospice to ensure this critical care for our community.

For any questions contact the Union Office.