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Canadian Labour Congress -We need EI reform now!

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) has helped millions of unemployed Canadians.

The benefit was crucial to supporting those who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

But the federal government is phasing out the CERB program in September. It's promising to shift those workers to Employment Insurance (EI).

That’s exactly what we’ve been asking it to do. But there's just one thing: the EI system needs a MAJOR overhaul.

Send a letter to the prime minister and your MP and tell them to reform EI now.

We're hearing stories from the U.S. about families running out of money and losing their homes. Canada has managed to avoid those hardships because we all worked together.

We need to keep moving forward. Let's disaster-proof Canada by building a 21st century EI system.

Thank you.

Marie Clarke Walker, Secretary-Treasurer
Canadian Labour Congress
Standing up for workers and their families