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WorkSafeBC and COVID Information for Members

For members who work at Jarvis Elementary or any CUPE Members who have contracted COVID at work through workplace exposure; the Unions stance is this is a WorkSafe Claim.   

What you need to do:

  1. Fill out WorkSafe form 6.  Below is the link.  Complete this form, sign it and send it to your Administrators, Supervisor or Foreman.
  2. Contact your doctor. Let them know this is a work place illness/injury. They have to report to WorkSafe.
  3. Contact WorkSafe to report your workplace ‘injury’. The contact information is also included.
  4. When you book off on Smarfind Express use Reason Code #6 ‘WorkSafe’ not Illness.

Form 6 -

Contact WorkSafeBC -

Any questions please contact the Union Office. 

Thank You,

Letter to Members

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Dear Sisters, Brothers, Friends and Colleagues,

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to represent you as your newly elected president of CUPE 1091. It has been a very busy summer and it is my pleasure to take on this very important role.   How are you all doing?  We are in unprecedented times, a Global Pandemic, something none of us could have ever imagined or prepared for.  I hope during all this uncertainty you’ve been able to find time to enjoy some relaxing sunny days, friends, family and a sunset or two.  

With September upon us, I feel the change in seasons coming and am thinking of all of you and your Safety as schools open on September 8.   Your executive has been meeting with District Management, Delta Teachers Association and all stakeholders involved to prepare for the Ministry Stage 2 September School ReStart Plan.   With your safety in mind we have purchased masks for all members.  The Executive will be delivering your masks to all schools once they arrive.

As many of you are aware the Delta School Board submitted their District Safety Plan to the Ministry of Education and it was approved on August 26th

Here is the link:

If you haven’t had a chance to review the ‘Delta District Safety Plan’ yet, I highly recommend you do.   We encourage everyone to familiarize yourself with it because it does directly impact you! 

Part of the District Safety plan involves site Health and Safety Committees and outlines their duties and responsibilities. It is imperative that we have CUPE representation on Health and Safety Committees in every location.  We encourage you to join your school’s site committee.  Being on the committee guarantees our Health and Safety needs are addressed. The first week back the Health and Safety Site Committee members will be having Orientation Training to become familiar with the Safety Plan which helps support all of you.  Any Safety concerns that are not resolved locally in your site will be addressed by the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee.  Kevin Berg-Iverson is our Executive Joint Occupational Health and Safety Officer.  If you have any questions or need clarity on Safety at work please contact Kevin at

The District is surveying parents this week for enrollment numbers for the September school start up.  We also know these numbers could change, as it is a very fluid situation.  We ask for your patience and also your communication.  If you aren’t sure of something, please contact your Union.

If you are feeling alone or isolated please reach out to your coworkers, friends, families or us, your Union.  We would like to remind you that we have an Employee & Family Assistance Program for counseling which is a free service available 24-hrs a day. You can find the link and phone number for these services here on our website under the Resources tab, click on Employee Benefits: Lifeworks.  

The local website address is:  Please take the time to read the CUPEBC K-12 President Council’s Frequently asked Questions that are posted. Many of your questions can be answered here.  We are committed to providing current updates and information as we get it.  We also have Social Media, Facebook: Local1091 and Twitter: @CUPE1091.  The links can be found on the website. Please check it out!

We want every member to know that they have access to the Union Office.  Your President and Executive are available to listen and help you. Please get in touch with us!!  We are here to support you. All contact information for your Union is posted on the website

Thank You to the management staff and all stakeholders who continue to collaborate and work together with us to get through this. 

My sincere Thank You to each and every one of you.  We know from conversations that those who have worked through the summer have done an outstanding job.  For those returning to school next week we have no doubt you will also do incredible work.  We could not get through these unprecedented times without all of you.  I hope as CUPE 1091 members, you encourage, and look out for each other as Brothers, Sisters and Friends. We will all have to follow the Ministry of Education Stage 2 Provincial School ReStart Plan and the PHO-Provincial Health Authority guidelines but we can do it together.  

Be Safe everyone.

In Solidarity,

Daun Frederickson