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Take Back Delta Hospice Membership Drive


Delta Hospice Membership Drive Urgently Needs our Support!

Become a member now:

The good news is that Take Back Delta Hospice has won the right to have all applicants for membership approved by the DHS Society Board in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and had their win upheld in the British Columbia Court of Appeal. The current board doesn't want to approve any members who do not agree with their narrow view of palliative care and they think it's acceptable to keep people who believe in choice from having their voices heard.

But we have to make sure people know that winning in court alone doesn't save critical services to Delta Residents. Only the members can replace the current board of Directors with a group who will place the care and choice of patients as their first priority.

Now the current board is applying to the Supreme Court of Canada on the issues they have already lost - twice! We watch with dismay as more of the Society's assets are diverted to pay for litigation on top of the $1.4 million annual hit to their bottom line when they refused to comply with the Provincial Health orders to provide Medical Assistance in Dying. In their membership drive with their North American wide anti-choice networks, they conveniently ignore the fact that they've already lost the battle of preventing citizens from accessing MAID in their local hospice. The Fraser Health Authority is taking over palliative care in Delta this February to ensure the funds they provide go only towards the standard of care provided for in provincial health policy.  Because of this breakdown in the relationship between Fraser Health Authority and the current Hospice board, we have no way to know if palliative care will continue to be offered in the Hospice building which was funded by the community's own donations.  

But what we must do now is to come together to stop from losing even more!  We ask that you sign up today so that as a member you can vote to replace this current board with new directors committed to saving the services in the Supportive Care Centre.  

The Supportive Care Centre is located in a separate building on the same land leased from Fraser Health Authority and the services are funded only through community donations and fundraising. If the current board continues to squander its assets and damage the relationship with their landlord, children, adults and seniors could lose access to grief and bereavement counselling and patients in palliative care would no longer have the support of our wonderfully trained and compassionate counsellors and volunteers. We need to have enough members to vote this board of directors out and replace them with a board of directors that will rebuild good will with Fraser Health and the Province, stop the hemorrhaging of the Society's assets by litigating with its own membership and focus on ensuring the financial viability of the Supportive Care Centre.  

If you live, work or play in Delta or care about Hospice and choice in end-of-life care, we welcome your support.  Sign up today and share the link with your family friends and networks:   

Together, we can Take Back Delta Hospice to ensure this critical care for our community.

For any questions contact the Union Office.

GoFundMe support page for the Payne family

Last week, one of our Members Celia Payne, an EA in Delta had an extensive fire in her home in Tsawwassen.  Celia, her family and pets are all doing ok but they have been displaced from their home and have lost most of their belongings.  They are insured but the expenses will be overwhelming.  They have not been able to return to their home and don’t expect to be able to for many months to come, if at all.  Celia and her family are living in a hotel at the moment and are looking for a place to rent.  If you are able, please donate to the GoFundMe page that has been set up for the family.   We know it is tough times for many if you can’t donate, you can send her an email of your thoughts or email the contact info below if you have something you can donate to help the family. 

Any questions or offers of donation or help contact Brenda Tomick the organizer of the GoFundMe page.  You can contact here at the link below.

Link to the GoFundMe page for the Payne family:

In Solidarity,


National Aboriginal Veterans Day

Today is National Aboriginal Veterans Day, a day of remembrance to the contributions of Indigenous Veterans in the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Korean War.  This Indigenous Veterans Day, CUPE1091 would like to express our gratitude for the contributions Indigenous Veterans have made to Canada and the world.  

National Indigenous Veterans Day began in Winnipeg in 1994 when Indigenous Veterans were not recognized in Remembrance Day activities, and is now celebrated in many communities across Canada.  Over 12,000 Indigenous people are estimated to have volunteered in all three wars, including 7,000 First Nations members, and approximately 300 died during these conflicts. 

First Nations, Inuit and Metis people were not eligible for conscription because they were not citizens of Canada (they were also unable to vote), but many volunteered despite the challenges they faced, including traveling long distances from remote communities to enlist, learning a new language (English), and coping with racism against them.  Indigenous people were not allowed to join the Canadian Air Force until 1942 and the Canadian Navy until 1943.  Both men and women enlisted, serving as soldiers, nurses and in other roles.  Many served with distinction, winning medals for bravery action. 

After the war, enlisted Indigenous people returned home to continued discrimination, including in some cases denial of benefits, loss of Indian Status, and expropriation of their land by the government for non-Indigenous veterans.  It was only in 1995 that Indigenous veterans were allowed to lay wreaths commemorating their fallen comrades at the national War Memorial in Ottawa.  The first monument commemorating the role of Indigenous people during these three was dedicated in 2001 in Ottawa.  It took until 2003 for the Government of Canada to provide veterans’ benefits to First Nations soldiers who had been denied them in the past, and Metis veterans have never received them. 

Learn more about Indigenous Veterans at Veterans Affairs Canada:

Thank You,

Workplace Violence and Harassment Survey

To CUPE1091 Members:

We are are excited to announce a new national survey on workplace violence and harassment that will help advance our work tackling sexual harassment and building safer workplaces. It is the first ever survey on violence and sexual harassment in the workplace with a national reach in Canada.

The survey is being conducted by the Canadian Labour Congress in partnership with research experts at Western University.
We need all workers to fill it out—workers of every gender, whether or not you have experienced or witnessed workplace violence or harassment. This is how we will get a clearer picture of workers’ experiences in workplaces across the country.
Like with the ground-breaking Domestic Violence at Work project, the results of this research will inform policy and education initiatives on workplace violence and sexual harassment.
The survey is open to workers 18 years of age or older. It takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes to complete. All respondents will remain anonymous.

We have emailed all members from MASTER: CUPE1091. If you did not receive this important survey contact the Union Office at:

Thank you for your help in making this important survey a success.